Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When I KNEW HE was a KEEPER...

There are moments within a relationship when you stop and say to yourself Yep, this is the person I should be with for the rest of my life. I've had many of these moments with my husband, but there was one night that he sealed the deal for me.

There is an annual Fourth of July party that we go to each year. It's a fun-filled day full of golf, swimming, food, fun, friends and alcohol...lots and lots of alcohol.

Seeing as we are very responsible people we take turns on who gets to be completely shwasty faced and who has the responsibility of driving home.

This particular year was my turn for the shwasty faceness. (spell check can bite me with the whole shwasty's MY story)


We proceed to enjoy the day (me MUCH more than him) and when it's time to go home my darlin' pours me into the car.

I am incoherent and half-passed out at this point (which is soooo sexy) and I think I'm drooling out the side of my mouth.

Joel decides he needs to stop at Meijers and get some beef to grill because he's hungry. I on the other hand only need my bed. As Joel gets about 10 steps from the car he hears me open the door. When he turns around I am hanging half-way out the door and tossing my cookies all over. Some of which has hit the parking lot but much more that has ended up down the side of my car and inside the door jam.

I am sure that I look very special at this moment...thankfully, I have no recollection of this. Joel comes over, wipes my face off with some napkins he finds and then once I'm put securely back in the car he goes and gets his beef. (I guess my cookie tossing did not diminish his hunger)

We get home and he takes me inside to the half bath. He then goes back outside to clean up my car. When he returns he can't find me. I have now thrown up to the point of dry heaving and my hair is completely wet and disgusting from my head being thrust into the toilet.

He finds me passed out on our bed...nasty hair..fully clothed and all. Now at this point I am sure he is finding me completely irresistible.

He then takes my clothes off...takes me to the master bathroom and proceeds to give me a shower, washing my hair and all (awww...I KNOW, right) He puts me in clean pj's and lays me in the bed.

The next morning I, of course, feel like a truck hit me and someone shit in my mouth. I get up and go to the bathroom and when I come out my husband is smiling at me. I sit back down on the bed and in my most grateful voice say to him..."What the FUCK did you do to my hair?"

Ummm...yeah, that was my response after he took care of my pathetic shwasty faced self...what the FUCK did you do to my hair.

When he didn't punch me in the nose or kick me out of the bed I knew...HE WAS A KEEPER!


  1. Hahahaha! I had one of those moments with my hubs a month ago. We were on vacation in Key West. I had some rum punches (read that as way too many) and ended up wiping out a half a block a way from our hotel. I ended up with kick ass skinned knees. We got back to the hotel (by the Grace of God) and he cleaned me up, dressed me in pjs, cooked me dinner, and tucked me in to bed. I love that man.

  2. Lol...glad to hear I'm not alone and there are other great husbands out there!