Monday, November 15, 2010

More Ricky to make you smile....

So last week I wrote about 'Ricky' of my favorite students.  If you don't know about Ricky you need to click HERE.

No, SERIOUSLY, click HERE NOW....I'll wait!

*do do do do do do do do, do do do do do do do do do* (that's the jeopardy theme song playing while I wait)

Oh're back.  Okay, so now you understand what a cool kid Ricky is and how much I adore this boy.

It's important for you to understand that, because when I tell you this story you need to know that I'm NOT 'making fun' of Ricky...not even close.'s the end of phys. ed class and I send the kids in the locker room to get cleaned up and changed.

Some of the kids are done and are now hanging out with me waiting for the bell.  Ricky joins us shortly and approaches me...visibly upset.

Mrs. Fig...I don't know where my cards are.  I had them in my jeans back pocket, but now they're gone.

What cards hon?  Are you sure you had them with you?

It's a deck of cards and I'm sure I had them.

I ask Ricky if he locks his locker and he tells me he does.  He says he shares a locker with another student, Calvin.

Right away a couple kids speak up and say that maybe Calvin took the cards.

No way, Calvin wouldn't take my cards, Ricky says, Calvin's my friend.

Some of the kids roll their eyes, saying that if the locker was locked who else could have taken them.

Well, maybe I left them in my hall locker and just forgot.  I know that Calvin would never take them.

I am about to ask Ricky if he would like to go check his hall locker, when Calvin emerges from the locker room.

Calvin says,  Ricky...hey Ricky come here.

Yeah Calvin?  What is it?

Ummm...well, you have MY pants on...yours are still in the locker.


**Okay, now go ahead...because we all did...we laughed so hard we cried. As the Cable Guy would say, I don't care who you are...that there's funny! **

So when Ricky returns from changing pants I ask him if he has his cards now.

He smiles and says... Sure do!

Then he looks at the kids that were so sure Calvin had to have taken the cards and says...

See guys...I told you Calvin would never take my cards.  He's my friend.

God, I LOVE that kid!


  1. Once again, LOVE Ricky! At least Ricky has a legitimate reason for his, shall we call it "error"? My son Jack is 11 and has 20/20 vision. He has also technically passed every hearing screening ever administered, although he CLEARLY only uses it selectively. All other issues I chalk up to being an 11 year old boy whose sole purpose of life is to "get the next level" on his PS3. Anyway, the other day, Jack comes downstairs "ready for school" in jeans that are literally 4 inches off the ground and so tight that he looks like a sausage stuffed in denim casing. I say to him, "Honey, I think you are wearing Henry's jeans" (Henry, who is 7) He responds, "oh! ok." 15 minutes later, he is STILL in the jeans! "Jack!" I say. "TAKE THOSE JEANS OFF AND PUT YOURS ON!" "oh!" he responds, and goes to find his jeans. Seriously, if I didn't tell him to, I'm not sure that boy would remember to breathe. It's a damn good thing he's cute and plays guitar. Hopefully, this will carry him far in life.

  2. OMG Lori..seriously giggling here....SERIOUSLY GIGGLING!