Saturday, May 16, 2009

The first couple days...

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I got to Washington. I mean all that's really been on my mind is seeing Joel. Now that I am here I want to know what this state has to offer, and so far, it's just great. After our initial reunion we went and got something to eat and then just back to the hotel to relax. Joel has one day off a week and it just happens that it's Thursday which worked out perfectly for us since I got there on Wednesday. We got up pretty early and got around and then we were off for the day. First we stopped at this little drive-thru coffee shop that Joel stops at each morning. It's called Dutch Bros. and it was awesome. It's just a small little drive-thru and the owner works there with one other girl. They were fun and lively and friendly and the owner even remembered what Joel orders...sort of reminded me of when we walk into Lomas and they have our drinks to us before we can even get to the bar! I've always thought that was really cool but do realize that some may think it means we go to Lomas too much..personally, I don't think that's possible. After the coffee shop Joel started to drive me around and show me the area. As we drove out towards where Joel works I was in awe. The mountains are beautiful and after living in Ohio it was just amazing to see this scenery. Joel pointed out a mountain called Rattlesnake Mountain and it was beautiful, although if it gets it's name because there are a lot of rattlesnakes there then I will be content to admire it from afar. As we got closer to Joel's jobsite the terrain turned to desert. He told me there was desert there but I guess I didn't think of it an "actual desert", but it was. There were tumbleweeds blowing across the road just like you see in an old western film. Maybe some people wouldn't think much of this, but it was a sight I have never seen before so I thought it was pretty great. The rest of the afternoon consisted of running errands and then just relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

Today was the first day that Joel went off to work and I was back at the hotel alone. It's a little strange getting use to the time difference but I haven't really felt jet lag or anything yet. I spent the day piddling around the place and it was pretty uneventful. Joel called and said he wanted to take me to a nice restaurant for dinner. We went to a place called Anthony's and it is right off of the Columbia River. We met another couple there (Joel works with the husband) and it was a really nice evening. An awesome dinner ( I had Australian Lobster Fettuccine..hheeelllllloooo it was incredible) and drinks with new people and a beautiful view. the only bad thing was that I forgot to take the camera so I don't' have any pics to share. Hmmmmm....guess we'll just have to go back there again....darn!

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