Sunday, May 17, 2009

With the Good comes the .....

Ok...I have definitely learned a couple things so far...#1 I MUST have access to a car at least a couple days a week or I will go MAD being stuck at the Hotel all day...I mean I don't mind being there occasionally but all day every day is NOT going to work. Joel said we could rent a car but that seems a bit excessive to me right now. However, the couple that we went to dinner with Friday night are staying right down the road from us soooooo....Joel and Bama (that's what Joel calls him) are going to car pool on some days so that both wives will have a car a couple days a week. For now I think that is enough for me. Much better than spending big bucks for a rental car. Besides, I don't need the pressure of coming up with places to go just so I can justify the expense of a car.

#2 Our Hotel NEEDS to get the pool up and running PRONTO! The weather here is beautiful but today for instance it's suppose to get up to 90 degrees...laying out at the pool would be an ideal way of spending my Sunday afternoon...surely the management of the Hotel can understand this, right!? Joel says they were working on it last week so I'm hoping that means I will be laying out sipping FooFoo drinks very soon! (fingers crossed!)

#3 I learned a VERY important lesson this afternoon..DO NOT..I repeat..DO NOT go to Winco grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently it is Bring your 8 kids, 85 yr. old mother and husband to Winco Day! What a circus!! Now maybe I'm a little neurotic at the grocery store. I mean I believe there are certain unwritten rules everyone should follow: Thou shalt push your cart down the right side of the aisle (I mean treat it like a road for pete's sake.. is that so tough)...Thou shalt know what you want BEFORE you take a number at the deli counter...and Thou shalt NOT let your kids use the grocery store as their own personal playground!!! Oh and I also believe there should be a special checkout lane for anyone using coupons..but that's another story. Anyway...back to the playground thing...I must have been run into 3 times by these sweet little angels (I'm typing this with the most sarcasm possible while gritting my teeth) Two more screaming and laughing as they pulled about 5 things off the shelves as they ran past me. Where in the HELL are their parents?? And the parents that WERE with their kids said nothing to them at all...truly amazing! All I know is that I needed to get out of there before I did or said something that was less than politically correct! I don't even know what I bought I was so flustered...I just hope I have something to fix for dinner tonight!

#4 I have also learned that even though I don't see my friends and family every day when I am home, I still miss them when I am 2300 miles away!

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